Agent survey

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Way of describing agents -Autonomous, rational ... cant.High-level - has some computing resources that are finite. It cant'- Brooks.Intentional systems - behavior can be predicted by the method of attributing beliefs, desire and rational.
Folk psychology- behaviour is explained using attitudes such as belief and wanting.
First order intentional systems have belief and desire..2nd- belief and desire and other intentional systems about belief and desire of them and others.
McCarthy - intentional stance is most useful when applied to systems whose structure is not fully known.Attitudes for representing agents - info attitudes and pro-attitudes Info- attitudes - Information, belief.Pro- intention, desire, commitment, oblication, choice..Related to each other.Referential opacity - the equivalence sets up context opacity.Intentional systems cant be described in classical 1st order logic since the truth equivalence does not preserve it's meaning.