MAX of two values - scalar function

Monday, September 28, 2009

I’ve always wanted db2 to have wider array of scalar functions.

Some like first day of month, last day of month are missing, but the most glaring one that many programmers use is the

max(val1,val2) = (val1 > val2, val1, val2),

and that is missing in UDB version 9.5 as of now. Not very sure about the latest 9.7 that boasts to save the world and solve the hunger problem though.

So I created one myself, and am heavily using it in my code so does other developers.

create function DB2ADMIN.MAXTWO(x date, y date)

returns date

begin atomic

if y is null or x >= y then return x;

else return y;

end if;


Overload this for handling other datatypes and use them with descretion.

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